Grow Your Child's Hair FULLER & HEALTHIER

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The CHILD HAIR REPAIR BOOTCAMP is the ONLY hands-on workshop that gives you a STEP-by-STEP guide on how to NURTURE, ELIMINATE BREAKAGE, and RESTORE OPTIMAL GROWTH for your child's hair in JUST 30 DAYS.  

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You know you should not style your child's hair with any kind of extensions but...

 You go ahead and add baby wool to it, just to make her hair "look" fuller, knowing you will regret it later...

You feel so ashamed and confused knowing you have bought everything you think you need to buy, yet your child's hair is breaking seriously... 

After doing everything you think you should be doing, the bald patches on the sides and the back of your child's hair are still not growing...


All these issues have you searching for the answers to critical questions...

What hair styles are appropriate to grow my child's hair? Is "didi" (corn rows) okay, or should I just do small puffs?

When can I begin to use conditioners and shampoos for my child's natural hair? Which ones are good for babies?

Should I use a mix of different oils? Or should I just choose one and stick with it?

What can I do to make my child's hair grow even? Is breakage normal for a 10 month old baby?

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Trust me, I know how overwhelming and heartbreaking it can be.

But it doesn't have to be that way!!! 

What if I told you that you could...

> Easily transform your child's hair from thin and patchy to thick and full

> Effectively combat dryness and cradle cap, even if it is at an advanced stage

> Properly select hair care products that are tailored specifically to your child's hair care needs

> Constructively establish an effective routine for your child's hair care needs  

> Successfully restore growth in the bald spots at the back and sides of your child's head


Oh, yes you can.

Get the best guide to REPLENISH your child's natural hair.


Take a look at my own child's hair journey, her name is Muna :)


Length and Volume Retention

My child's hair is 13 - 15 inches long and she is just three years old!


Softness and Manageability

I comb my child's hair with my fingers !!!

Muna and Luchi. Baby Muna's Natural Hair Journey
Make your child's natural hair soft and manageable

Here is what some mum's who I have helped in the past have to say

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If you register in the CHILD HAIR REPAIR online workshop, you will learn

1. How to minimize breakage on your child's hair

2. The step-by-step guide to stop and prevent your child's hair from thinning out and getting dry in the back of head

3. The best way to keep your child's hair soft and moisturized, even when it is in a style

4. The inside scoop on the best sources for your child's hair care products

5. How to implement my bi-weekly child hair care regimen on auto-pilot

6. How to ensure your child's hair keeps growing healthy and long

7. My secret moisture retention strategy for children who do not like to wear their bonnets at bedtime

8. My tried and tested method for managing a head of hair made up of different textures

9. Quick and easy styles you can make for your child on special occasions

10. How to manage your child's super thick, tight and kinky natural hair


And you will receive:

> The Child Hair Repair Bootcamp Workbook

> 4 Part Child Hair Repair Training Videos

> Lifetime Access to the Workshop, including updates

> Weekly Support from Luchi Madubuike. Day of week decided by you!

> 5 child-friendly healthy recipes that will encourage healthy hair for your child

> Lifetime Access to the Child Hair Repair VIP Facebook Group




Meet the Hair Care Coach, Luchi Madubuike

Instagram Influencer and Child Hair Care Specialist

Over the past two years, the skills I have learned while caring for my daughter's hair has allowed me to help over 11,000 millennial moms care for their children's natural hair. I have been invited to Child Care Events to share my knowledge on Child Hair Care. This experience has enabled me write an eBook and create physical products aimed at optimal child natural hair growth.

Through intense research and trial and error, while helping so many mothers, I have been able to figure out the step-by-step process of what it takes to grow a child's hair to great health. Now I am ready to be your short cut to restoring your child's hair for optimal growth.

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